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What the hell happened to xxxholic!: CLAMP - Reddit

Nov 13, 2018 Unfortunately xxxholic rei is on "hiatus" which for clamp is usually permanent . As stated above tsubasa wc is complete but really just feels like it finished...Is xxxHolic Rei still ongoing? Is it on hiatus or...?: mangaXxxHolic Rei.: CLAMP[DISC] xxxHolic (End): mangaSo I finished reading and watching the show.: xxxHolicMore results from www.reddit.com


Chapter 213 | xxxHOLiC Wiki

Feb 9, 2011 However, xxxHOLiC has been restarted with a new series called "Rei", ... The time skip that happened between chapters is extremely large (a...Chapter Length: 29 PagesVolume #: 19


So what happened to xxxHOLIC: Rei anyways? - Forums

Apr 26, 2019 CLAMP has a history of not finishing a couple their series I'm pretty sure they never finished X, but luckily the anime gave it a good ending.Is xxxHolic no more? - Forums - MyAnimeList.netxxxHOLiC Chapter 213 Discussion - Forums - MyAnimeList.netxxxHOLiC Rou Episode 1 Discussion - Forums - MyAnimeList.netxxxHOLiC Chapter 182 Discussion - Forums - MyAnimeList.netMore results from myanimelist.net


xxxHolic - Wikipedia

In April 2010, Clamp stated that the xxxHolic was taking longer than what they expected, causing delays to some of their other works. When the manga finished...Plot Background Media ReceptionVolumes: 23 (List of volumes)English network: SEA AnimaxUS Funimation ChannelGenre: Dark fantasyStudio: Production I.G


Yet Another Rant On Why The “Ending” To xXxHolic Was Dumb As ...

Apr 11, 2013 Now let's go over what occured at the end of the original run of the manga. Yuko died and Watanuki basically sacrificed himself in order to wait...


XXXholic chapter 213: LAST CHAPTER - Tenchi's Thoughts

Feb 12, 2011 AND HOW ANGRY AM I THAT THERE IS NO YAOI?! What happened to the golden rule in CLAMP of reincarnation?! I mean…that WASN'T Domeki!!! I would be...


xxxHOLiC (Rou) Manga Chapter 213 Review (finale)

Feb 17, 2011 However, I had hoped that what might happen is that Watanuki might be able to communicate with Yuuko-san but oh well.


xxxHolic ending/xxxHolic Rei, how do they fit together? [spoilers!]

Jun 10, 2015 I recently finished reading xxxHolic and what has been released of xxxHolic Rei and I'm trying to get events untangled in my head - probably...


NEWS: CLAMP Puts xxxHOLiC: Rei Manga on 1-Month Hiatus - Forum

Aug 1, 2015 they are not a single author with one or two assistants(even Togashi can use that as an excuse,but not CLAMP!)What the hell happens for them to...


My “ending” to xxxHOLiC - settana

Dec 30, 2018 He is Shizuka Doumeki occupying Sayaka Doumeki's body. Watanuki demands to know what happened but Doumeki remains silent, in deep thought with a...


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