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Spurious Correlations

These 20 correlations will blow your mind. ... Correlation: 0.666004 ... Copyleft notice: You are free to copy and adapt everything on this site


Website correlation - Wikipedia

Website correlation, or website matching, is a process used to identify websites that are similar or related. Websites are inherently easy to duplicate.Uses Correlation types Same owner Similar content

Beware Spurious Correlations - Harvard Business Review

Tyler Vigen, a JD student at Harvard Law School and the author of Spurious Correlations, has made sport of this on his website, which charts farcical...

Web Analytics: Correlation, Causation & Linking Variables - LinkedIn

Nov 18, 2015 When it comes to web analytics, it's rather easy to fall in to this trap and confuse correlation for causation, because of ease at which...

Hilarious Graphs Prove That Correlation Isn't Causation

May 13, 2014 It's a site called Spurious Correlations by Tyler Vigen–or more accurately, Tyler Vigen's software. He created code to spot correlations in...

Correlation One | Make Data Literacy Your Competitive Edge

We are the market leader in data literacy: data science & analytics training, hiring and assessments, and founders of the Data Science for All program.

A whole website devoted to crazy correlations [graphs] - Alltop Viral

May 12, 2014 If you've been trying to drive home the point that correlation does not equal causation, you can't go wrong with the website Spurious...

Correlation and causation - Understanding Health Research

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