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Why You Should Do a Diagnostic Wax-Up - Spear Education

Dec 23, 2017 Since a diagnostic wax-up is an outcome-based diagnostic tool, it should accurately represent the desired result of treatment. The clinician is...


Diagnostic casts and wax-up | FOR.org

The diagnostic wax-up is a tool that can be used for diagnosis and treatment of single-tooth implants , using wax or denture teeth set in wax. This tool...


Benefits and Importance of Using Diagnostic Wax-Up

Mar 30, 2020 A diagnostic wax up is a dental tool that not everyone knows of, but is necessary for dentists and orthodontists during cosmetic dental...


Wax up - YouTube

Mar 9, 2016 Video material shows laboratory work on casts. Dental technician is creating visualization of future veneers. By using dental wax he is...


Wax up and mock up. Treatment Planning. - YouTube

Jan 3, 2016 Stone casts were made and diagnostic Wax up. Then silicone tray was prepared during the visit at the dental chair. Mock up has been made...


The importance of the diagnostic wax-up | Dental Economics

One of the advantages of having a wax-up of what you want the final results to look like is for a better understanding during your preparation appointment. By...


What is dental diagnostic wax-up? | Common Dental Procedures

A diagnostic wax-up is essentially a cast or impression of your tooth or teeth. Your dentist uses this to show you what they are going to do to fix your...


What is a wax-up | ICOI

A wax-up is a wax and/or resin pattern contoured to the desired form for a trial denture, cast coping, metal framework, or for diagnostic purposes.


The Importance of Diagnostic Wax-Up - Arrowhead Dental Laboratory

A wax-up is a three-dimensional model of the mouth, which is taken from impressions, making it an exact replica of the patient's teeth. This allows the dentist...


The Value of the Diagnostic Wax-up | Volume 2, Issue 3

The diagnostic wax-up is the method or process through which practitioners can fully visualize the true restorative needs of their patients.


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