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King Lear: Full Book Summary | SparkNotes

Lear, the aging king of Britain, decides to step down from the throne and divide his kingdom evenly among his three daughters. First, however, he puts his...Characters: her, Regan, Goneril

What is the short summary of King Lear? -

King Lear is an aging monarch with no male heir. He decides to divide his kingdom among his three daughters and their husbands. He requires them to give...

Summary of King Lear | Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

King Lear divides his kingdom among the two daughters who flatter him and banishes the third one who loves him. His eldest daughters both then reject him at...Duration: 3:03Posted: Oct 29, 2017

King Lear: Summary & Characters - Video & Lesson Transcript

King Lear, a tragic play written by William Shakespeare, opens with King Lear, the elderly king of Britain, deciding to retire and divide his kingdom between...Duration: 8:38Posted: Sep 21, 2015

The Tragedy of King Lear: Plot Summary - Shakespeare Online

Feb 27, 2021 Lear's plan is to give the largest piece of his kingdom to the child who professes to love him the most, certain that his favorite daughter,...

King Lear: Synopsis & Plot Summary -

Lear, King of Britain, in an attempt to avoid future strife, divides his kingdom between his three daughters. His eldest two, Regan (wife of Cornwall) and...

King Lear Short Summary

King Lear of Britain, being aged, comes to a decision to retire from the kingship and as a consequence divides his realm amongst his three daughters,...

King Lear Summary -

King Lear is a tragedy by Shakespeare about a King who lets his ego get in the way of making good decisions. At eighty years old, he decides it's time to...

King Lear Act-by-Act Plot Synopsis | Shakespeare Learning Zone

Detailed look at what happens in each scene of King Lear, to help you make sense of the play, understand its structure and interrogate it.

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