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Sesquiquadrate – UPDATED 2021 – Transit, Synastry & More

Sesquiquadrate synastry represents chaotic and slightly disorganized aspects. It does not necessarily indicate negative things. However, it does imply slight...Sun Sesquiquadrate Moon Moon Sesquiquadrate Mars Sesquiquadrate Synastry

Weird Angles: The Sesquiquadrate (135°) | soul sage astrology

Apr 24, 2014 In synastry in particular, the Sesquiquadrate reminds me of a more chaotic, slightly disorganized trine (which is the standard 120 angle).

Sesquiquadrate in Synastry - Lindaland -

This is how I understand sesquiquadrates : The sesquisquare/sesquiquadrate/trioctile 135 degree aspect between two planets in your chart is...Sesquisquares and Synastry - Lindaland - Linda-Goodman.comThe Most Important Aspects in relationships - Lindaland - Linda ...Sesquiquadrate aspect in synastry- discussion? - Lindaland - Linda ...Sun Sesquiquadrate Pluto in synastry - Lindaland - Linda-Goodman ...More results from

#sesquiquadrate on Tumblr

a sesquiquadrate is when two planets are separated by a degree of 135. this friction is less apparent than that of a square, but it is still there. the sad...

What does Sesquiquadrate mean in astrology? - AnswersToAll

Squares in synastry have a bad reputation. Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto squares have a particularly nasty rep...

What is the sesquiquadrate aspect in astrology? - Quora

What Does Sesquiquadrate Mean In Astrology? It's an astrological aspect in which two planets are separated by an angle of 135 degrees. Usually it's calculated...

Best Marriage Aspects in Synastry [Everything You Need To Know]

'Soft' Moon aspects in a synastry chart, such as trine, sextile, or semi-sextile, indicate an instant emphatic bond between partners. They show you have similar...

Astrology Aspects: How the Sesquisquare Functions – Part Two

Apr 16, 2011 A Sesquiquadrate acts like a “square against semi-square”, Might against mini-might, that dilutes both energies. A smaller semi-square is trying...

What Are The Worst Aspects In Synastry? - Cosmitec Astrological ...

We only use the following aspects: conjunction, semi-sextile, semi-square, sextile, square, sesquiquadrate, inconjunct and the opposition.

Sesquiquadrates. WTF? - AstroFix

An exact semisquare or sesquiquadrate is more important than a square that is several degrees out, and many traditional astrologers who have ignored these so-...

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