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Sueca - Play Online on

Rating 73% (15) Free GameSueca is played with 4 players, using 40 cards from a French-suited deck. The game can be played clockwise or counter-clockwise. The main skill required for...

Play Sueca Online - VIP Games

Sueca is a trick-taking card game which is one of the most popular games in Portugal and Brazil. Sueca is played with 40 cards French 4 suit deck: clubs, spades...

Sueca Jogatina: Card Game - Apps on Google Play

Rating 3.6 (10,256) Free AndroidAlso known as Bisca, Sueca is one of the most famous trick-taking card games in Brazil and Portugal. A trick-taking card game is one in which players take...


Sueca Online GameVelvet

Rating 4.7 (27,250) Free AndroidHow is it? The Sueca is a variant of the game Bisca in Portuguese and Briscola in Italian. Play is Sueca with a deck of 40 cards where the first team to win...


How To Play Sueca - YouTube

Aug 20, 2019 This video tutorial will teach you how to play Sueca. This video will start by teaching you the ...Duration: 3:57Posted: Aug 20, 2019


Rules of Card Games: Sueca -

Sueca is a game for four players playing in teams, two against two, with partners sitting opposite. It is played with 40 cards (remove the 8s, 9s...

How To Play Sueca - Gather Together Games

The player right of the dealer leads the first trick. Each other player must play a card in the same suit that was led whenever possible. The player with the...

Sueca (card game) - Wikipedia

Sueca is a 4 player-partnership point trick-taking card game of the Ace-Ten family, and a popular variant of the Bisca card game.Play: Counter clockwisePlayers: 4Cards: 40 cardsDeck: French

Sueca Online for Free - Card Games | MegaJogos - GameVelvet

Rating 4.1 (224) Online Sueca | One of the most popular cards games from portugal. 100% FREE. play without registering. play with lots of people...

Sueca: Play for free on your smartphone and tablet! - Jogatina Apps

Sueca is card game similar to Spades and Hearts and very popular in Portuguese speaking countries. With Sueca Jogatina you can play wherever, whenever!

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